Month: July 2017

The Hill: Dems blast HHS for cutting teen pregnancy program

The Democrats, led by Reps. Barbara Lee (Calif.), Michelle Lujan Grisham (N.M.), Ted Deutch (Fla.) and Lloyd Doggett (Texas), want Price to reveal who in the administration dictated the cut and whether officials weighed “the burden and adverse impacts” on both the teenagers receiving TPPP services and the health professionals providing them. The economic effect on local communities, the lawmakers suggested, should not be ignored.

Reps. Doggett and Pocan Call for Multinational Corporations to Disclose Country-by-Country Reporting

U.S. Representatives Lloyd Doggett (TX) and Mark Pocan (WI) led 16 House Democrats in calling on the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) to require multinational corporations to disclose meaningful country-by-country reporting information in their public financial statements. Requiring the information would help strengthen disclosure and efficiency in corporate financial statements, while protecting investors, policymakers, and the American public.

SAEN Letter to the Editor: Big Pharma column on the money

Re: “Americans pay for research, can’t afford resulting drugs,” Lloyd Doggett, Other Views, June 7:

You laser focus in on the true vulnerable point: these Big Pharma corporations don’t plow their profits into research as their public statements claim. We pay the research bill, and I suspect they are working on ways to divert this research money into more “rewards for managerial effectiveness.” I applaud your stand and your commitment to your constituents. I only wish that I were in your district, rather than next door in District 21, whose representative unfortunately holds the opposite view.

Thank you, for the encouragement and support, especially throughout these recent weeks. The low turnout does signal how much work remains to ensure Democratic victories in the General Election in November.

There are no unimportant elections and no unimportant races. From the courthouse to the statehouse to the Congress, I will be working for Democratic victories.

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