I have been a strong advocate of tax reform, including tax law simplification and protecting individuals and small businesses from bearing the burden of multinational corporations. A CBS News 60 Minutes segment featured my efforts to address these tax abuses. I voted against the Republican tax scheme because it hurts middle-class families and opens more loopholes to exploitation by multinational corporations, as I explained in this PBS NewsHour Interview.

To take just one example, Pfizer sought to renounce its citizenship in order to pay modest taxes in Ireland, while continuing to charge American consumers more than ten times what it charges Irish consumers on some of its drugs. I worked to stop that scheme and introduced a bill that imposes an “exit tax” on corporations that abandon our country.

I voted against all the Big Bank bailouts and for Wall Street Reform. I supported the Consumer Protection Act, which helps end bailouts and puts a cop on the Wall Street beat to protect families from corporate greed.

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