FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Congressional Progressive Caucus PAC Endorses Congressman Lloyd Doggett for Re-Election in TX-37

Friday, October 22nd
Contact: Evan Brown


WASHINGTON, DC – Today, the Congressional Progressive Caucus PAC endorsed Congressman Lloyd Doggett for re-election in Texas’ 37th congressional district.

Congressional Progressive Caucus PAC Co-Chairs Pramila Jayapal, Mark Pocan, and Jamie Raskin released the following statement:

“Right now, progressives in Congress are fighting hard to ensure we deliver transformational change for working people, families, and our communities. That wouldn’t be possible without the dedicated work of progressive champions like Lloyd Doggett. We have seen Lloyd’s extraordinary commitment to progressive values, and he has fought passionately for so many important issues, including Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, College for All, voting rights, abortion rights, and racial justice.

Thanks to the hard work and determination of progressives like Lloyd, we are able to deliver real change for people across America. He has never backed down from that fight, and is a key part of our progressive movement in Congress. We are proud to endorse Lloyd Doggett for re-election.”

Congressman Lloyd Doggett released the following statement:

“So appreciative of the immediate endorsement from my Congressional Progressive Caucus colleagues for my reelection in Texas Congressional District 37. While gerrymandered over so much of Texas, I have never changed my progressive values. United, we progressives can effectively resist Republican assaults and build a better and more just country.”

In 2020, the PAC raised $4.4 million and launched its first-ever independent expenditure arm, helping elect eight new candidates to Congress.



The Congressional Progressive Caucus PAC has a mission of electing strong, progressive leaders to Congress who share the Congressional Progressive Caucus PAC’s vision for America’s future.

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There are no unimportant elections and no unimportant races. From the courthouse to the statehouse to the Congress, I will be working for Democratic victories.

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