NEWS4SA: ‘Outrageous price for modest drug,’ Congressman Lloyd Doggett slams price of Remdisivir

SAN ANTONIO – We now know how much the drug that’s been shown to benefit COVID-19 patients, Remdesivir will cost.

According to the Associated Press, Gilead Science says it will charge more than $2,300 for a typical treatment court of Remdesivir or people covered by government programs. In other words, the cost will be over $3,100 for people with private insurance.

“An outrageous price for a very modest drug, which taxpayer funding saved from a scrapheap of failures,” Doggett said. “President Trump’s refusal to stop pandemic profiteering with a stroke of a pen is a green light to other manufacturers to exploit this tragedy. In addition, taxpayers will be charged billions more for the same medications that they have already paid significantly for drug-makers to develop. Big prices and big expenditures lie ahead.”

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News Credit

Author: SBG San Antonio

Publisher: NEWS4SA

Date: June 29th, 2020