AYW Receives Over $1.1 Million in Federal Support

On July 13th in Washington D.C., Congressman Lloyd Doggett announced that AYW would gain a further $400,000 in federal support. Congressman Doggett had previously secured $700,000 for AYW’s YouthBuild which brings the total amount of federal support to $1.1 million. These funds will be put toward AYW’s mission in helping young adults transform their lives through education, job training, community service, and a strong support network.

“Austin YouthWorks represents the best Austin has to offer,” and Congressman Doggett. I have crawled through the attics with their trainees and seen their pride and accomplishment. This program helps Austin youth grow and learn, while at the same time helping some of our most vulnerable neighbors. This is the kind of work that should be recognized, rewarded, and copied across the country.”
These funds from the U.S. Department of Labor will be used in American YouthWorks’ Casa Verde Builders Program. With Casa Verde, youth split their time between the construction site and the classroom. This provides students with the opportunity to not only earn a GED or high school diploma, but become leaders in the community and prepare for college or postsecondary training opportunities as well.

“American YouthWorks is pleased to receive additional federal funds for our Casa Verde Builders YouthBuild program. Casa Verde Builders, in partnership with the City of Austin, Travis County, and the Texas Education Agency, trains at-risk youth how to build energy efficient homes from floor to solar roof installation, while simultaneously pursuing their education. The green energy-rated homes are built in the heart of East Austin’s low income and transitioning neighborhoods and are sold to first time home buyers. Due to the efforts of leaders like Congressman Lloyd Doggett, our Austin youth are able to receive cutting edge green jobs training, earn scholarship money for college or trade schools, attain their High School Diplomas and build self-esteem, while giving back to their community and neighborhoods with significant, lasting improvements. Our young people not only learn to work hard, reach their educational goals and gain job skills that will serve them lifelong, but they also learn the tremendous value of volunteerism and doing their part to improve the environment and the lives of others in need. American YouthWorks is making significant strides to enhance and expand our training, service, and education opportunities for more young people to transform their lives from at-risk to at-promise. Many thanks for your valiant and continued efforts to help in our mission,” said Parc Smith, AYW’s CEO.

Originally published by American Youthworks.

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