AAS: Cruz decries Democrats for failing to applaud Trump’s wins for workers

U.S. Rep. Lloyd Doggett, D-Austin, found the speech less provocative than usual for Trump, but no more encouraging about where he is leading the country.

“There is just a totally amazing gap between his tweets and his teleprompter readings,” Doggett said. “He’s full of love and unity and not the usual racist rant.”

But, Doggett said, “It’s not about the delivery of his speech, which I thought was pretty weak. It is whether he can deliver on any of his commitments, and he hasn’t done very good on that.”

“I think the state of the union under Trump is chaotic, divisive, with our democracy imperiled,” Doggett said. “Nothing tonight changed that. His call for love and unity and how we’re all one big, happy family ignores the fact that he has attacked parts of the American family.”

Doggett said Trump had failed to live up to his promises.

For example, he said, “I’ve been very involved on drug prices, which this time last year Trump said the drug companies were committing murder.”

“Tonight he told us that drug prices are going to be brought down,” Doggett said. “The only thing he’s done in a year is to entrust his drug policy to pharmaceutical executives. It’s rather indicative of the whole approach of the speech.”

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