Lloyd Doggett Poses Possible ‘Fines Or Confinement’ For Mnuchin

Doggett: Trump’s Comments About Foreign Help Should Move Dems On Impeachment

Treasury Secretary Blocks President Donald Trump Tax Release, For Now

House Democrats Formally Request President Donald Trump’s Tax Returns

An ‘Impeachment Investigation’ No Matter The Name | The Last Word | MSNBC

Texas Rep. Lloyd Doggett introduces bill on medical device dangers | KVUE


Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-TX) says he doesn’t wan … put AG in handcuffs but he will if he has to

Rep. Doggett teams with Speaker Pelosi, pushes new voter protection act

16 Jun

SA Current: Congressman Demands USDA End Controversial $39M Contract With San Antonio Event Planner

U.S. Rep. Lloyd Doggett called on the White House on Tuesday to cancel a $39 million federal food-distribution contract awarded to a small San Antonio events company with no previous track record

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28 May

NPR: Remdesivir 101: What Is This Drug, Are There Alternatives And How Much Might It Cost?

Lupkin: At first, the administration shipped cases of remdesivir directly to hospitals in a handful of states, but they weren’t always the hospitals that had the most COVID-19 patients.

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28 May

USA Today: In reversal, Trump says coronavirus task force will ‘continue on indefinitely,’ shifts focus to reopening, vaccines

“President Trump waves the white flag of surrender and winds down his ‘task force,’ ” said Rep. Lloyd Doggett, D-Texas, chairman of the House Ways and Means Health Subcommittee.

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20 May

Inside Health Policy: Pelosi Bill Makes COVID-19 Drugs Free To Insured Without Price Controls

House Democrats’ latest pandemic response bill would make COVID-19 drugs and vaccines free for Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries and the privately insured, but it would do nothing to curb drug

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18 May

KSAT: Doctors face ‘nearly an impossible situation’ as they ration remdesivir

“A doctor making a life or death decision about how to allocate a limited amount of this drug and which patient gets it and which doesn’t — the clinical trials are very

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18 May

CNN: Lawmaker demands formula used by federal government to ration remdesivir

The chairman of a key congressional health committee is demanding to see the formula used by the federal government to ration remdesivir, an experimental drug shown to speed the recovery of

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18 May

KXAN: Texas governor praised by President Trump during White House coronavirus visit

Gov. Abbott and the president talked for about an hour at the White House. Both were on the same page with the reopening but others in the state have a warning for the governor. “People will die

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14 May

DMN: These Texans have waited weeks for unemployment checks. Now rent is due

U.S. Rep. Lloyd Dogget, D-Austin, on Tuesday led all Democrats in the state’s congressional delegation in asking Abbott to temporarily waive the requirement in Texas. “We can help keep the

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