Texas Observer: Texas Mother ‘Deathly Afraid’ of Medicaid Cuts Under GOP Health Plan

Texas Observer: Texas Mother ‘Deathly Afraid’ of Medicaid Cuts Under GOP Health Plan
Kearns was one of about a dozen people who spoke at a forum hosted by U.S. Representative Lloyd Doggett, a liberal Democrat from Austin. Doggett probably doesn’t need convincing but the delay in a Senate vote has given opponents an opportunity to mount more resistance to the legislation. Doggett billed the event as a Medicaid town hall. Keep Reading

SAEN Letter to the Editor: Big Pharma column on the money

Re: “Americans pay for research, can’t afford resulting drugs,” Lloyd Doggett, Other Views, June 7: You laser focus in on the true vulnerable point: these Big Pharma corporations don’t plow their profits into research as their public statements claim. We pay the research bill, and I suspect they are working on ways to divert this research money into more “rewards for managerial effectiveness.” I applaud your stand and your commitment to your constituents. I only wish that I were in your district, rather than next door in District 21, whose representative unfortunately holds the opposite view. Keep Reading

San Antonio Express News: Some Texans praise ‘better care’; others fear ‘painfully deep cuts’

Congressman Lloyd Doggett, D-Austin: “The CBO score confirms that the Republican health repeal bill remains a big loser. The super-rich get more wealth while many get less health. After weeks of secret maneuvering and arm twisting, their big accomplishment is lowering the number of Americans who lose health care coverage from 24 million to 23 million to 22 million. This Republican bill is a giant tax cut for those at the top masquerading as a health care bill. This losing score further evidences the importance of stopping both the Senate rush for repeal this week and the ongoing Trump sabotage... Keep Reading

Tax Notes: Brady, Roskam Sidestep Democratic Calls for Tax Reform Hearings

In May, the Ways and Means Committee held one hearing focused on the border tax proposal, and another on increasing U.S. competitiveness. However, Tax Policy Subcommittee ranking minority member Lloyd Doggett, D-Texas, said Congress needs more time to discuss potential legislation inspired by the GOP’s “A Better Way” tax reform blueprint. Doggett suggested that Republicans’ true time frame is to pass a tax bill before December, without much public input, just like they did with the American Health Care Act (AHCA, H.R. 1628). He said potential hearings should address “what are the pros and cons of expensing capital investments versus... Keep Reading

The Hill: House passes nuclear energy tax bill

Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-Texas) criticized the measure as a reward for the nuclear sector, which he said has a “record of miserable failures” when it comes to getting more reactor projects up and running. “Instead of today’s measure, our focus should be on safe, healthy forms of energy instead of an industry that costs too much and poses too much danger to humans,” he said. Keep Reading

KSAT 12 News: Food bank, Rep. Doggett urge Texas Congressional Delegation to reject Trump’s proposed budget

Members of the San Antonio Food Bank and Feeding Texas joined Rep. Lloyd Doggett to urge members of the Texas Congressional Delegation to reject President Donald Trump’s budget proposal . . . “I believe SNAP has been honored as a really successful anti-poverty program, and unlike some government programs, it is an extremely efficient program and it administers the assistance to make sure people have a good, healthy meal to eat in a way that is very cost-effective,” Doggett said. Keep Reading