“Bobcats must support Doggett”

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University Star
Doggett represents Texas State students’ interests
Oct 31 2012 – 12:00am | Christian Penichet-Paul

U.S. Rep. Lloyd Doggett is the best candidate to represent Texas State students in Congressional District 35.

Students are fortunate to have a hard-working, honest representative in Congress. Doggett is a fighter for college students and their interests. Over the years he has worked to increase financial aid opportunities, which has benefited students at Texas State as well as those at other universities around the nation. Doggett represents the progressive nature of the university.

Doggett’s work has helped students solve some of their financial concerns. He authored the “More Education” tax credit, which helped reimburse students for tuition, textbook prices and other costs of higher education. The law, referred to as the American Opportunity Tax Credit, enables students and their families to decrease federal tax payments by up to $10,000 over four years.

Doggett has worked to increase Pell grants and reduce the cost of student loan payments. These initiatives have allowed students to cope with rising tuition prices. Doggett knows how to pass legislation that is helpful for all students.

Doggett is a strong supporter and four-time sponsor of the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act. This act would give undocumented students who were brought to the United States at a young age the opportunity to remain legally. Doggett, through continued support of the act, demonstrates his belief these students should have the opportunity to work and reach their full potential, and in turn, help build the economy. Doggett is an experienced voice on this issue and would help make the dreams of these students a reality. If re-elected, the Obama administration would also work to pass the act.

As the area’s current representative, Doggett has kept a close relationship with the university. Visitors to Doggett’s office in Washington pass under a Texas State banner hanging above the door. The banner symbolizes the positive relationship between the congressman and the university. Doggett has been a familiar face on campus through his participation in many events organized by the university and campus groups. Doggett shows support for federal investment in universities to encourage economic growth, and he would ultimately continue to fight for better funding to enrich Texas State.

Doggett is a true believer in the issues he campaigns on. He does not change positions from pressures of the political climate. Texas State does not need a political opportunist in office, but a person of true character fighting for the issues he or she believes are in the best interest of students.

Congressman Doggett has a record of working for students, their families and the university. Texas State is an important part of Congressional District 35. Bobcats must support Doggett in this election so he can continue to give a voice to student concerns and interests.

—Christian Penichet-Paul is a history junior.