Austin American-Statesman on How Much is at Stake Today, the Last Day of Early Voting through Election Day, Tuesday, May 29

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I wanted to share with you excerpts from this piece from the Austin American-Statesman about how much is at stake today, the last day of Early Voting, and on Election Day, Tuesday, May 29. We need your help today through Election Day.  To lend a hand, call 512.487.9983 or 210.998.0160. If you need a ride to the polls, we stand by ready to help.

As reported in the Statesman, I said:

“I am giving it my all to turn out more votes, but much more help is needed. We face a perfect storm of less than 2 percent voter participation resulting from Rick Perry’s redistricting scheme, recent local election and the Memorial Day weekend,” Doggett said in a statement.  “I run every race like I’m 10 points behind, and I will be unless more folks vote and volunteer to help.”

Besides leading the money race and being more visible, Doggett has swept most associations’ endorsements in every part of the district.

The article also noted that:

Doggett boasts the support of most political groups in the district, including the Texas State Teachers Association, Austin Firefighters Association, San Antonio Police Officers Association and Tejano groups across the district.

At one point, Romo touted the support of the popular Castro twins: current San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro and state Rep. Joaquín Castro. But the Castros’ names have been removed from Romo’s website.

Romo admitted she was too quick to claim their support.

“It went out prematurely, and I didn’t get them officially,” she said. “I had to change it.”