Congressman Doggett Files for Reelection

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A message from Congressman Doggett:

Best to you for the holidays.  During this special season, I certainly have much for which to be thankful.  First and foremost is a wonderful family and friends and neighbors across Texas, who have stood with me during these recent challenging months.  Who would have guessed that even as we enter the new year, we have neither a definite congressional map nor a certain date for the primary election?  The sole cause of this delay and confusion is the Republican effort to subvert the Voting Rights Act.  With your encouragement, I am prepared to meet any challenge the Republicans present.

Because I believe that Federal Judges Orlando Garcia and Xavier Rodriquez acted properly in reuniting San Antonio neighborhoods, removing District 35 from Austin, and reuniting District 25 as a compact Travis-Hays County district, I have formally filed for reelection in District 25. If the Republican map is once again imposed, I will seek reelection along the I-35 corridor, from San Antonio to Austin, in District 35, about half of which I have represented in Congress.  We have to be ready to campaign in either district or some new one that the courts design.  I have particular confidence in having my work evaluated by those who know me best.  For six months, I have been especially focused on reaching out to those whom I have not previously served in Bexar, Comal, and Guadalupe Counties through neighborhood meetings and Democratic gatherings.   I will continue doing that with an active presence in San Antonio and by maintaining campaign offices in both San Antonio and Austin.

Districts may change, but my commitment to stand firmly for our shared values will not.  Thanks so much.