Latinos for Lloyd

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Today more than ever, we find ourselves looking to our leadership to make the difficult decisions needed for the greater good of our communities…and our country.  Congressman Lloyd Doggett has proven to be a leader we can count on… who has advocated for our communities and has fought the difficult battles with integrity and passion.

“We all count on Lloyd to be our voice in Washington and he is paying the political price for being outspoken and he needs us now more than ever.  Let’s show Lloyd that he can count on us – regardless of where the Republicans draw those lines!”  ~Celia Israel

Latinos for Lloyd Doggett invites you to join us in paying tribute to our hard working Congressman.


Mel D. Abel * Sylvia Acevedo * CA & Minnie Aleman * Steven Aleman * Blanca Alvarado Rossana Barrios * Sylvia Camarillo * Olga Campos * Socorro Chapa * John-Michael & Priscilla Cortez * Juan & Martha Cotera * Courtney Enriquez * Lulu Flores Bianca Garcia * Blanca Garcia * .David Garza * Gina Garza * Elizabeth S. Gonzales * Gabe Gutierrez Jr. * Diana Herrera * Celia Israel * Frank Limon * Johnny Limon * Johnny Canica Limon * Lonnie Limon * Martin & Yolanda Limon* Paul Limon * Virgil & Diana Limon * Daniel Llanes * Nilda de la Llata * Mack Martinez * Marianne Martinez  Rick & Rosie Mendoza * Lupe Morin * Lori Moya * Joe & Debbe Munoz * Frank Ortega *Rudy Ortiz * Theresa Ortiz * Gloria Mata Pennington * Sabino & Lori Renteria * Alicia del Rio Rosa Rios Valdez * Frank Rodriguez * Jessica Salinas * Marion Sanchez * Velia Sanchez-Ruiz Marina Sifuentes * Maria Candelaria Solis * Lupe Sosa * Joe Vela *  Juan & Myrna Meza * Gracie Villarreal

Monday, August 29, 2011

5:30 – 7:30PM

El Sol Y La Luna Restaurant

600 East 6th Street, Austin, Tx 78701

Music by: Grupo Gruvo