The Texas Democrats’ Circular Firing Squad

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There is probably no greater voice describing Texas politics than the late Molly Ivins. Using her sharp wit, she wove tales of just how interesting the Texas political scene and those who represented the people in the lege as she called it. I can only imagine what she would have written in her column about the session of the Texas Legislature that just concluded, but would have been amusing to say the least.

Even if we didn’t pay attention to Rick Perry preening for the cameras and flirting with the Republican rank and file about possibly putting his hat in the ring and make a run for President in 2012, Texas politics has been nothing but interesting since the lege closed up shop and headed home for a couple years. Most of the action on the part of the Democratic Party and their propensity to form a circular firing squad.

Since the days where free wheelin’ Tom DeLay had been spreading Jack Abramoff’s money around, the Republicans in the state of Texas have been trying to get rid of Lloyd Doggett. Lloyd Doggett had been representing the capital city of Austin for many years and was a source of constant irritation to Tom DeLay and the rest of the Texas caucus. His voting record is stellar, getting high marks from NAACP, ACLU, and civil and gay rights organizations. Though probably not on the NRA’s Christmas card list, and that might be what irked Tommy DeLay. Doggett Survived the 2003 redistricting that was supposed to oust him, and now it 2011 the lege was going to try and have at it again.

After the district maps came out Lloyd Doggett became resigned to run in, if the plan is approved, in the newly created 35th district, that stretches from San Antonio through southern Austin along the I-35 Corridor. Now the fun begins.

Joaquin Castro, one of the rising stars of the Texas Democratic Party decides he wants to run for Congress. Does he pick, either of the two incumbent Republicans whose districts include parts of San Antonio? Of course not, he declares to run against the most progressive and solid Dem in the Texas Caucus. The fervor that the Texas Republicans have shown in their efforts to oust Doggett from Congress speaks volumes about good of a Democratic soldier he is. To choose to run against him and make his path to re-election that much more difficulty, is in effect doing the bidding of the Republican party. So instead of keeping a good soldier in Congress and targeting one of your own, the Texas Dems opt for the circular firing squad, results be damned.

Doggett Survived the 2003 redistricting that was supposed to oust him, let us hope a rising Democratic star doesn’t accomplish what Tom DeLay tried to do 8 years ago.