VFW Political Action Committee Endorses Congressman Lloyd Doggett

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This week, I was honored to receive word that the Veterans of Foreign Wars Political Action Committee (VFW PAC) has endorsed me for re-election. The VFW PAC provides the 2.1 million members of the VFW, its auxiliaries, and their families with an opportunity to support candidates for federal office who support our nation’s veterans and America’s security. In his letter to me, VFW PAC Director Capirchio explained that the endorsement is based on my “strong support for veterans, national security and defense, and military personnel issues.”

For me, “support our troops” is more than just a slogan. It means honoring our commitments. For our veterans who answered the call to serve, I will continue working to ensure that they secure the benefits they have earned. I successfully passed legislation in the House to ensure that wounded veterans returning from service are not forced to choose between getting the treatment they need from their injuries on the battlefield and keeping their job back at home. I have also worked to expand veterans’ health facilities, so Texas veterans don’t have to drive long distances for the basic health care they have earned from their service. In Travis County, I helped bring the largest outreach vet clinic of its kind to the area, and to serve vets in the rural area, I helped to secure a vets clinic in La Grange that has been serving many area vets for over a year.

I will continue to represent the interests of our veterans and their families in Congress. Today, I thank our veterans not only for their collective vote of confidence in me, but more importantly for their service to our country.