Rep. Doggett stands as ONE

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As ONE members, we always wake up prepared for an opportunity to tell someone, anyone, about the remarkable progress of small U.S. investments to save lives.

So, when I got a call from Rep. Lloyd Doggett’s, (D-Texas), office on Friday saying that I will have the chance to meet him Tuesday on campus — you better believe I was ready. Little did I know Rep. Doggett was ready, too.

Rep. Doggett has represented the 25th District of Texas since 1995, so I expected him to be in tune with his constituents. But I learned that he was both familiar and supportive of ONE’s work and members over the years.


Paulina with Rep. Doggett

He said he was willing to support future efforts in any way possible (how EXCITING!). I thanked him for cosponsoring the House version of the Global Food Security Act, which will help expand access to food for more than billion people that live on less than $1.25 a day.

His confirmation to support us here at ONE was an enthusiastic “yes” — as you’ll hear for yourself in his encouraging video message above.

Most importantly, as a member of the House Budget Committee, Rep. Doggett is in a position to urge Chairman John Spratt to uphold the administration’s request for international affairs, which reflects a tiny piece of the overall federal budget, but is saving millions of lives and stabilizing impoverished communities.

With their support, we can powerfully demonstrate American values by helping AIDS patients get medicine and assisting devastated countries like Haiti. As Rep. Doggett said, “We are ONE world!” — and my fellow ONE members and I in Austin are very much looking forward to engaging with the congressman during the next budget cycle.

But that’s not all — in a terrace packed with 70 constituents and University of Texas students, Rep. Doggett gave us the ultimate shout-out, acknowledging the hard work of ONE members to encourage everyone to join in our efforts.

Rep. Doggett: as an Austin constituent, UT student and ONE member, it truly is exciting to learn that you support the goals and work of ONE!

– Paulina Sosa, ONE congressional district leader for Texas’ 25th District