President Obama Discusses Rep. Doggett’s “More Education” Tax Cut in Remarks at UT

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Great to have the President at Gregory Gym on the Forty Acres to celebrate our victories for educational opportunity and making higher education more affordable.  I particularly appreciated his mentioning our work together on the near $14 billion “More Education” tax cut that I authored to encourage families with a student seeking higher education–a tax credit of up to $2,500 a year for two years of college tuition and course materials.  We share the goal of making this tax credit permanent and perhaps even expanding it over four years to $10,000.  This could be a big step down the road of ensuring America remains #1.

Despite our disagreements on bank bailouts and some other federal matters, I strongly agree with President Obama on this important fact:  education is an economic issue.  Our economic recovery and competitiveness are interconnected with our commitment to education. If we are to begin seeing the words, ‘Made in America,’ on new products, we must ensure that students, here and across the Nation, can achieve all the education for which they are willing to work.  A short portion of the President’s related remarks can be viewed here.