"Bend My Ear III"

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It’s been right at a year now that we had the famous encounter with the infamous Lloyd the Doggett at Randalls. This was the spark that set off a firestorm of protests across the nation.

Now, having had his feelings hurt and his ego bruised, the Doggett never goes anywhere without police and federal agents surrounding him. He will be at Newflower Farmers Market, well protected and he will only address one person (surf) at a time. He will not address an uncontrolled group ever again. It will be like the surfs crawling up to the king asking for mercy.

So, what do we do. This Statist/Marxist, along with Obama, is destroying our country. It is our duty to confront and resist his actions. Bring signs and let’s be loud. Think of chants we can do. Make sure you bring your video cameras. Let’s make the news. We must bring to light his assault on our liberties.